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Regulator Mares Carbon 42 (416138)

Regulator Mares Carbon 42 (416138)Regulator Mares Carbon 42 (416138)Regulator Mares Carbon 42 (416138)
Regulator Mares Carbon 42 (416138)

The new Mares Hero

• Second stage case 100% SMC carbon
• 65% lighter than a metal second stage
• Maximum thermal conductivity

Advanced technology and light weight! The Carbon 42 is destined to become an object of desire for divers who demand the best in performance under all conditions! In fact, it combines in a single item all the Mares Regulator technologies with the lightest weight possible. The use of an extremely soft and light “superflex” hose makes it the lightest and most versatile regulator on the market. The incredible thermal conductivity of the carbon second stage makes this regulator perfect for diving in particularly cold water.

Click on the link below to explore the carbon web site!